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EditiX 2008
Service Pack 4

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- Main
- XSLT Editor
- Schema Editor
- XSLT Debugger
- Real time error
- Content helper
- XML Diff
- DocBook
- Preferences

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- XML Editor
- XSLT Editor
- XSLT Debugger
- XSL-FO Editor
- DTD Editor
- Schema Editor
- SVG Editor
- Open XML Editor
- OpenDoc editor
- XHTML Editor
- DocBook Editor
- XML Diff

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- EditiX Manual

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XML Editor

EditiX is a powerful and easy to use XML editor for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X designed to help web authors and application programmers take advantage of the latest XML and XML-related technologies

All features

xml editor

  • Synchronized tree
  • Real time location (with XPath preview inside the status bar)
  • Fast element editor
  • Splittable editor
  • Extractable editor (individual window)

xml assistant

  • Assistant for choosing elements, attributes, attribute values or entities
  • Assistant for closing an element
  • Assistant working with DTD, W3C Schema and RelaxNG

xml errors

xml errors table

  • Error located inside the tree or inside the text part
  • Tooltip for each error
  • XML Syntax error on-the-fly
  • Table for all detected errors
  • Marked outside errors (in a dtd, W3C schema...) : click on it can open this document

namespace manager

  • Namespace manager
  • Add prefix or URL for namespace

xml search

  • Bookmark you current element
  • Seach a tag part (begin or end)
  • Search occurences of an element
  • Move quickly to a text, a tree part

caracters reference

  • Insert easily a caractere reference

xml facilities

  • Standard editor features (copy, cut, paste)
  • Apply fast operations on the current node (copy/cut/duplicate/bookmark...)
  • Copy the current xpath location
  • Select a tag or surround it by another tag or comment

xml parsing


  • Parse or format (pretty print) your document
  • Let the tool learn your document structure for helping you
  • Apply XPath 1.0, 2.0 or XQuery request
  • Use catalog for local accesses

xml editor

  • Refactoring for element, prefix, namespace, attribute, entity, comment and PI. You can also convert attributes to elements or elements to attributes.

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